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Behind every elite athlete at the top of their game is commitment, hard work, and passion. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of becoming a pro or are working your way up to the top. If you’re wondering what you need to become an elite athlete in Australia, and why <a href=”www.pickspt.com.au” target=”_blank”>health and fitness</a> is so important, read on – we’ve put together this handy guide to the top things you’ll need to excel in your chosen sport.


Imagine if someone’s at the top of their sport, but they don’t love what they do. That’s no help – and no fun – at all. Elite athletes need to be in the game for themselves. Money, recognition, expectations, or any other factor shouldn’t be the motivating reason. Passion is what keeps an athlete going when there’s nothing else left. And passion, helped along by a healthy support network, will propel an athlete ahead of others who aren’t as committed to their game.


When you’re an elite athlete, every little bit counts. Even the smallest advantage could affect your place on the podium. Perfecting a routine – which includes physical training, mental exercises, diet and nutrition, rest, and pre and post-game exercises – can take years. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to routines, so it’s really about trying and testing to see what brings the best results. And once they find something that works, an elite athlete commits 100% to their routine, only making alterations after testing them first.


A centred mind and a long attention span are crucial for any athlete, especially when it comes to repeating the same thing over and over, day after day. Focus is the only way athletes master their sport. But don’t think it happens overnight – mastery takes years of monotonous, boring practice. Elite athletes tap into this boredom – performing the same action day in, day out with very little change, striving to make improvements.


<a href=”https://pickspt.com.au/personal-training-instructor/” target=”_blank”>Personal training for athletes</a> is crucial if they want to excel. Slow and steady strength building helps stop athletes from burning out and prevents deterioration down the line. Elite athletes focus hard on strength training, which often includes tightening the back, forearms, glutes and hamstrings. Like the game itself, strength training should be both challenging and enjoyable.


Elite athletes can’t get to where they are without thick skin and a strong mind. They won’t always do their best, and they might be criticised – and with social media what it is, this criticism and commentary now goes far beyond a coach or a commentator. A strong mind and resilience definitely help an elite athlete push themselves through the tough times.

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