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Flex Stick Mobility and Strength Classes

Try something new
"flex stick mobility and strength classes"

What Is Stick Mobility?

If you want to try something new and revolutionary to help improve your mobility and take your performance to the next level. Our goal is to help you improve the way you move and how far you can stretch your body to increase strength and agility.

There are 3 main aspects that we can help to improve:

chopsticks Joint range of motion

chopsticks Strength

chopsticks Neuro-motor control

We can work on each of these aspects in isolation or create a program that incorporates each of these key focus areas together. Don’t be too concerned about your current fitness level as we can adapt all activities to suit your current level of fitness and flexibility. Over time your ability to move more freely will become more apparent.

Short-term flexibility can be gained through traditional fitness and strength training but often can disappear in a matter of a day or two. With regular attention and professional supervision, your mobility can improve your quality of living. Hence, help you to achieve and sustain the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Class Schedule

Flex Stick Mobility & Strength Classes

Your health and well-being is important to us.

So, to ensure that we offer the right program to suit your current physical and medical requirements. 

There is one important step you need to complete before we get started.

Prior to your booked appointment please download, read and complete the attached exercise pre-screening document and bring the completed form to your 1st session. 

1.00 – 1.30 PM

1.30 – 2.00 PM


3.30 – 4.00 PM

4.00 – 4.30 PM

Location: Bradbury Oval – The Pkwy, Bradbury NSW (next to the Gordon Fetterplace Aquatic Centre)


  • Limited spots available
  • 30-minute sessions
  • Maximum 6 participants/session
  • Cancellations cannot be accepted within 1 hour before any training session
  • No Refunds for any cancellations will be accepted within 1 hour of any session time
  • Multiple sessions available per week ( exceeding 2 per week) call us for times
  • Call the team at Picks PT on 0420 998 460 for any times or booking changes 

Make a Booking

Terms and Conditions

  1. Final payments are required 24 hours prior to the initial 1st appointment
  2. Cancellations cannot be accepted within 1 hour before any training session
  3. No Refunds for any cancellations will be accepted within 1 hour before any session time
  4. All Introductory sessions FREE 1& 2 must be booked in the same week or remaining sessions will be forfeited.
4 Week Program-Flex Stick Mobility & Strength Classes
8 Week Program-Flex Stick Mobility & Strength Classes
12 week Program - Flex Sticks Mobility & Strength Classes
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