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If you’ve been stuck inside for months, like so many Australians, you’re probably keener than ever to get back into shape now lockdown has ended. However, it’s important to be aware of how your fitness levels have changed and don’t overdo it straight away. We take a look at the different ways you can start exercising again after lockdown and how to prioritise safety as you do so. Attend a group coaching session You’re definitely not the only person worried about returning to exercise after lockdown and there are a number of specialist programs available so you can take a more measured and planned approach. With expert guidance and set exercise programs, this can be a great way to get your whole body moving again and return to your peak fitness levels. Whether you want to lose weight, stay in shape or need a confidence boost, join a targeted fitness program so you can achieve your goals in a healthy way. Listen to your body If you’ve had to take a long break from your usual fitness program, it’s important to start gradually and listen to your body. Pay attention to both fitness and nutrition and talk to a fitness expert if you need some guidance. It’s not wise to assume you can lift the same weights if you haven’t been to the gym at all or go straight back to running marathons. Start slowly and try a few different types of exercise activities so you don’t stress out joints or injure yourself. Watch out for muscle pain and soreness and give yourself enough time to recover after a workout.
Personal Workout Trainer
Train with an expert Working with a personal trainer or taking part in a group exercise class is another brilliant way to ensure your return to exercise is as safe as possible. Your instructor can assess your current fitness levels, advise you on what exercises are best and any you might need to avoid. This can also be a better option if you are still wary of attending classes or larger gatherings after lockdown, as it can be a one-to-one session, or even outdoors if you prefer. Exercising after COVID-19 Returning to exercise after a long time away can be difficult and you’ll need self-determination and persistence to get back into shape. If you do get COVID-19, you’ll need to isolate for the allocated time period and wait at least a week before you return to any physical activities. Make sure your body is fuelled properly with healthy, nutritious meals and try some gentle exercise sessions at home so you don’t fall behind. If you need a rest day or you suffer an injury, make sure you take the proper time to recover and don’t overexert yourself. Get fit today If you’re ready to start your exercise journey after the lockdown has ended, Picks Personal Training is here to help. Just contact us to join a fitness program in Campbelltown, Macarthur, Camden, Mount Annan and  surrounding areas.
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