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With many of us in and out of consistent lockdowns, it’s easy to lose motivation to get out and exercise. However, staying active is pivotal for our physical and mental health. So, now more than ever, it’s incredibly important to stay active at home.

While we might not be able to get out and hit the gym or even travel far, there are still plenty of ways to ensure that we stay fit and active during lockdown. Take a look here for some of the best physical activities you can do during lockdown.

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Backyard sports If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard that you can run around in, then getting outside to get some fresh air and sun can do wonders throughout lockdown. You can head outside and have a game of backyard cricket with the family or go and do some HIIT cardio circuit exercises. You can also try other activities, such as tag with the kids, fetch with the dogs, or swimming if you have a pool. Your COVID-19 fitness options don’t have to be limited, especially if you have an outside area to exercise in. Take the dogs and family out for some cardio A great way for you and your pets to get some much needed physical activity throughout lockdown is to take your dogs out for a nice long walk. Pack a water bottle and some snacks and explore your surrounding neighbourhoods. You can work on some training as you walk and you’ll both be exhausted by the time you get back. Set up a weights section at home If you’re able to get your hands on some basic dumbbells and exercise bands, you will be able to do some weight training at home. Weight training is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy and you don’t need a lot of resistance or weight to challenge yourself. If you don’t have access to weights, you can still take some time to do some bodyweight exercises that can be just as challenging as heavy weights. Utilise the expertise of an online coach Many personal trainers have adapted their skills and services and embraced the online world. With COVID-19 showing no sign of going away anytime soon, you can now hire a personal trainer to coach you in an online session. These sessions are a brilliant way of pushing yourself and utilising the knowledge of a professional while still following the social distancing rules. Online personal trainers can help you stick to a structured fitness plan all from the comfort of your own home or nearby park if you want to exercise outside.
Picks PT Outdoor Personal Trainer

Your COVID-19 fitness options don’t have to be as limited as you would first expect. With health and fitness being at the top of many people’s priorities throughout the pandemic, there are plenty of physical activities you can do in lockdown if you put your mind to it. For more information, visit us at www.pickspt.com.au.

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