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Many people trying to lose weight find that in the first few weeks, the pounds fall away easily. Then you hit the dreaded plateau in weight loss. This is where that initial weight loss begins to slow and eventually reaches the point of stasis. You’re no longer losing weight but just treading water and maintaining. 

That’s when the gym no longer feels like enough.

What causes plateauing?

A plateau in weight loss can occur for all sorts of reasons. The simplest being that your metabolism slows down the more weight you lose. Put simply, the calories you take in and the energy you expend are balanced. When that happens, you either need to reduce the number of calories you consume or burn more of them off by increasing your activity levels.

You should also examine your lifestyle and be honest with yourself. Are you living as healthy a life as you can? Sometimes we can think we’re eating a well-balanced diet when in fact we’re lying to ourselves. Weight loss takes a concerted effort. Cheating here and there can slow down progress towards your goals. 

Remember, you don’t have to eat a restricted diet forever. This is just a phase as you slim down to your desired weight. Also, be honest with yourself about your sleep pattern and whether you’re getting enough shut-eye. 

A lack of sleep can increase your stress levels. This will slow your metabolism and may lead to cravings for unhealthy, energy-dense foods. 

On top of that, it gives your muscles less time to recover from any exercise. This could harm your performance the next day

plateau in weight loss

Why the gym no longer works

When you’re on a mission to lose weight, the gym might seem like an obvious place to start. Many people find that it’s easy to lose weight initially, but things start to slow down. Once that slowdown kicks in, it can be very easy to lose motivation. Often the first thing to slide is your daily workout.

Working out at the gym can be challenging because you are surrounded by people more toned and trim than you. This can be demoralising. It’s also harder to maintain the drive to succeed when working out alone. As most do in the gym, we stick on the headphones and enter our own little worlds.

It’s far easier to maintain the momentum and set yourself manageable goals when you work out with a personal trainer. They can act almost as a guide on your weight loss journey. They can tweak your exercise routine and offer nutritional advice if you plateau. With someone else acting as your cheerleader and providing support, you’re more likely to succeed when the gym stops working for you.

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