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The cold and the dark are not great motivators for fitness work and exercise in Winter. This is worsened when you add the threat of rain into the equation. For instance, as Winter arrives, motivated fitness fans start losing their focus as the changing conditions upset their enthusiasm.

Don’t feel alone if you’re struggling to keep up with your workout routine. Instead, focus on the advice in this article on staying motivated on your fitness journey through the winter months. There are many things you can do, so read on to get some food for thought.

Wear the right gear

A Winter kit is essential for keeping up your motivation to exercise in Winter. Particularly if you are exercising outside, you should think about things like:

• Base layers
• Gloves
• Headbands to keep your ears warm

If you run in the evening or early morning, stay safe by wearing reflective clothing and a head torch. 

exercise in winter

Set yourself goals to exercise in Winter

In addition to wearing the right gear, goals are excellent motivators to exercise in Winter. When you have fitness goals in place, you will always feel like you are progressing towards achieving them. They could be covering a certain number of miles or hitting a new PB.

Great fitness goals to pursue

• Reach a certain running/cycling/swimming distance
• Lose/gain a certain amount of weight
• Improve on your PB for a 5k, 10k or any other timed challenge

Refocus your training

Colder temperatures may throw up different challenges, however, they are the perfect opportunity to focus on other aspects of your training. Moreover, mental toughness is one thing that can be boosted by forcing yourself to exercise in Winter. Also, completing a session in challenging conditions can feel like a significant accomplishment.

Work with a personal trainer

Working out with another person (or people) is always more fun, especially when a personal trainer is involved. A personal trainer can be an excellent source of motivation. Furthermore, you will feel confident that your training is high-quality and that you are gaining progress towards your goals. Having company or someone to bounce off will give you extra enthusiasm.

We can help with your health and fitness goals in rain or shine, so call on us if you need help.

Track your progress

Apps are a fantastic way to get a much-needed motivation boost in winter. Different apps offer different capabilities, including being part of a community and getting personalised alerts and advice for your training.

You can also track your progress with the help of fitness trackers and other similar hardware. They will take your training to a deeper level and maintain that motivation no matter the weather.

Final thoughts

Exercise should always be enjoyable and the endorphins it releases are good for your mental health. Don’t let the declining weather and shorter days put you off. The benefits of exercise in winter are well worth pushing through your reduced motivation.

If you need a little boost, you could try Picks PT’s personal training online. This can work around you and your schedule and is easy to implement into your weekly routine.

Figure out what aspects of winter are harming your motivation and take action. Give yourself the lift you need to get out there.

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