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With the COVID-19 pandemic still rearing its ugly head around the world, many Australian states are yo-yo-ing in and out of lockdown in an attempt to halt the deadly virus in its tracks. These constant lockdowns and enforced social distancing rules are not only having a negative effect on many people’s physical health but also on their mental health.

With many enduring enforced social isolation, especially in areas that are considered hot spots, it can be difficult to keep on top of your mental health. So, what can you do to keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically?

Many people don’t realise the importance of physical activity to help maintain a healthy mental outlook on life. Take a look here at how exercise can help your mental health during COVID.

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Exercise helps to reduce stress and anxiety

One of the best ways that exercise can help your mental health during COVID is through its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. When you exercise, especially when you complete cardio or aerobic exercise, your body releases endorphins. These endorphins and serotonin are chemicals that actively help to improve your mood, thereby reducing stress and anxiety. Regular exercise will help your mental state greatly.

Exercise can improve sleep

For those of us who are unable to leave the house except for essential reasons, such as work or getting food, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep can make you feel run-down and exhausted. Regular exercise has been shown to help improve sleep by reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. This reduced sleep onset decreases the amount of time you’re lying awake at night and can help provide a deeper, more relaxing rest. This can improve your mood and your overall mental state.

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Exercise can help fight social isolation

While social distancing is important in the fight against COVID-19, that doesn’t mean we have to be socially isolated. One of the worst things that many people are suffering from throughout the COVID pandemic is social isolation and lack of human interaction. Exercising regularly is one way to help alleviate social isolation and help improve your mental health.

Many personal trainers have adjusted the way that they train their clients due to the pandemic. Online classes are now common, as well as outdoor boot camps where social distancing can be observed. Being a part of a training group that you can talk to or having regular contact with your personal trainer can help to keep social isolation at bay.

Sometimes, depending on the level of restrictions in your area, it can be as simple as getting out of your house and going for a walk or run with a friend or family member. If you’re unable to exercise with other people outside of your home, the social benefits of just being out of your house and near other people will still do you a lot of good.



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The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone throughout Australia. We’ve all had to adjust to a new normal, with many of us still being impacted by continuing lockdowns and restrictions. This understandably can have negative impacts on your mental health, but this doesn’t mean that there are no ways to fight the negative thoughts and anxiety that COVID-19 causes.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting out and getting some exercise. If you’re looking for ways to exercise during COVID-19 and you want to utilise the skills of a professional personal trainer, contact us today. Whether you’re looking for online training or you’re more interested in exercising in groups, we can help.

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