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When you employ the help of a personal trainer, you are making an investment in your health and fitness. A good personal trainer will keep you on the right track and offer expert guidance on exercises and technique, but the best personal trainer will do much more.

They will give you a passion and motivation that fires you on to new goals. They will deliver creativity and variety that maintains your enthusiasm. You deserve a great personal trainer, so here are five signs you have the best personal trainer.

1. The best personal trainer will refine your goals

Training goals are fundamental to personal training. Your goals are usually quite generic to begin with: lose weight or gain muscle. The best personal trainer will help you make those goals more specific and set realistic targets to get there.

If your trainer sets you achievable goals for the short-term and long-term, they are doing it right. It could be reaching 15% body fat, broken down into stages to keep you motivated. Daily goals should also be implemented, and you should feel their guidance throughout.

2. The best personal trainer will adjust to your motivational style

Everyone feels motivated by different things and in different ways. Some people like a drill sergeant getting in their face, while others prefer a gentler approach. The best personal trainer will intuit the difference and work accordingly.

If you tend to get really focused during a workout, shutting out all distractions, you need a trainer who won’t keep talking to you. However, if social interaction works for you, the best personal trainers will be able to tell when to talk and when not to.

3. The best personal trainers offer guidance on nutrition

Exercise is just part of the equation to achieving health and fitness goals. Nutrition is actually more important, and most personal trainers have a strong knowledge of it. However, they are not dieticians, so they cannot recommend specific meal plans.

The best personal trainer will offer general nutritional guidance to motivate you to eat well. They will offer advice around eating and help you comprehend just how important nutrition is for a  healthy mind and body. They may also recommend a good nutritionist or dietician.

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4. The best personal trainers lead by example

The best personal trainers model the healthy lifestyle they encourage – they practice what they preach. They exercise regularly, eat healthily and recover properly. They also model professionalism.

The way they dress and take care of themselves is important, but they should also be professional in their interactions with others. The best personal trainers never speak disparagingly about people, other trainers, or gyms.

5. They actively adjust your movements

Personal trainers will always demonstrate how an exercise is done. But the best personal trainers will actively follow your movements and make adjustments so you have perfect form.

Their focus will be high throughout the session. They will observe the subtle changes you can make to accommodate the needs of your body. You will always get the maximum benefit from your training and minimal risk of injury as they help you adjust your form.


There are lots of good personal trainers. But it takes a little digging to find the best personal trainer. The 5 points listed here can serve as a checklist as you explore your options.

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