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Do you want to excel but aren’t sure you can?
Maybe you’re putting in the time to train, but aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped. In these circumstances, it’s tempting to wonder if you’re ever going to make the grade on your health and fitness journey.
Luckily, understanding what type of athlete you are can make a big difference. Here we describe the four types of athletes. We also take a look at how you can maximise your performance, depending on your type.

Bad attitude, limited talent

As you’ll come to discover, the right attitude is arguably the single most important predictor of success. When it comes to making progress, whether at work or in the gym, consistent commitment to giving 100% is vital.
Sporadic or half-hearted training is not going to cut it when it comes to meeting your goals. Particularly if you’re not a natural athlete, a poor attitude is going to work against you.
Fortunately for athletes falling into this group, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help. Even if your natural talent is limited, working with a personal trainer to improve your mental attitude can make an enormous difference.

Bad attitude, plenty of talent

Are you a natural athlete? Are you near the front of the pack even though you don’t train hard? If you’re tired of being number three or four when you have the ability to be number one, it’s time to change. For the athletically gifted, adopting a positive, disciplined mindset could be what’s needed to turn you into a champ.
Consistency, discipline, a positive attitude and a commitment to giving 100% during every training session are all habits that can be learned. For people like you, success is achievable if you’re prepared to work at it.

Great attitude, little talent

Congratulations, you’re an elite athlete! The best athletes aren’t always those who were born with talent. Although having a physique that’s suited to your chosen sport helps, studies show that it’s dedication and commitment that makes the biggest difference. If you’ve already got the drive, determination and positivity needed to give your sport your all, you’re already 90% of the way to achieving your goals.

If you’re an athlete with the right mindset but only moderate aptitude for their sport, coaching on specialist techniques and strategies can be a surefire way of upping your game.

Great attitude, plenty of talent

This combination is an aspirational position to be in. For athletes that are naturally gifted and have the passion and vision needed to capitalise on their assets, the potential for success is enormous.
In these circumstances, assistance to set ambitious goals, along with coaching to boost confidence and technique can enable excellence.

With the right direction, there is almost no limit on the progression an athlete like this can make.

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