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As a professional athlete, whether you’re currently competing or getting ready for your first events, you’ll know that training is a big part of your life. You’ll also be aware you’ll need to use a different mix of training to help you reach your goals.

As the science, knowledge and understanding of different professional sports grow, so does the professional team that sits behind pro athletes to help them maximise their training, ready to achieve success when it matters most.

A vital part of the training team is a strength and conditioning coach. In this blog, we’ll look at what a strength and conditioning coach does and how they can help you smash your pro athlete goals.

What is strength and conditioning training?

Before we jump into what a strength and conditioning coach does, we thought it’d be helpful to take a quick look at what we mean by ‘strength and conditioning’.

Strength and conditioning programs are sports based. Depending on the chosen sport of the athlete, individual exercises are designed to develop the necessary skill sets for their sport.

Strength and conditioning training is generally undertaken by professional athletes to help them get ready for events and competitions, but it can also support injury prevention and management, as well as improved performance.

Strength and Conditioning

What is a strength and conditioning coach?

Strength and conditioning training works best when it is structured and developed into a tailored program – this is where a strength and conditioning coach comes in.

Strength and conditioning coaches work with athletes to understand their focus, fitness goals, and overall plan for an upcoming competition or sporting event.

They then develop and tailor a strength and conditioning training plan that helps keep the athlete on track and review progress as the athlete works through the plan, making adjustments where needed.

Who do they help?

Strength and conditioning trainers can work with pretty much anyone looking to up their athletic skills and fitness goals.

They can work with professional athletic teams who might be working towards individual strength and conditioning goals as well as a shared strength and conditioning plan to optimise team success.

Whether you’re an individual competitor or a team looking for a trainer who can help you work in better alignment, a strength and conditioning trainer can definitely help.

Where can you find a strength and conditioning coach?

Many personal trainers will have some excellent knowledge of strength and conditioning, but there are some who are uniquely qualified to develop and deliver training plans based on strength and conditioning.

Speak with your local personal training provider to see who they have on their team that would be best suited to help you work towards your goals.

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